Susan Goldstein

Waldorf Education Consultant

About Me

I was born in Philadelphia, Pa., the youngest of three children. I attended public schools from k-12th grade. If you had asked me as a child what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would have said, “A teacher”. I always knew that was my path.

I graduated from Penn State University with a degree in Education and began teaching in the Philadelphia Public schools. I taught for several years, but always felt that something was missing…something was wrong with what I was doing.

After I married and had my own two children I taught in a private nursery school for several years. There I began to see the importance of play and developing the imagination.

When my family moved to Western Colorado, and my own children were about to begin school, I discovered Waldorf education at the tiny Lamborn Valley Waldorf School. As soon as I visited, I knew that was the education I had been seeking. After two years of teaching a combined class of 4/5, and then 5/6 at Lamborn Valley Waldorf School, I enrolled in the Teacher Training course at Rudolf Steiner College in Sacramento. I practice taught at the Santa Cruz Waldorf School and fell in love with the school and community. I taught three classes in Santa Cruz the full cycle of grades 1-8.

I have also worked as the Assistant Director of the Bay Area Center for Waldorf Teacher Training, and am now teaching there part time. In the summer I teach at Rudolf Steiner College in their Public School Institute.

Over the years I have also taken the Waldorf Remedial Education training and the Waldorf Mentoring training with Else Gottgens. I have been privileged to travel all over the U.S. mentoring and evaluating Waldorf teachers, both in independent Waldorf schools and in Waldorf Charter schools.

Since my last class graduated 8th grade in June 2013, I have been consulting in Waldorf schools throughout California, mentoring, evaluating and giving talks about Waldorf education. Waldorf education is still my passion and I am thrilled to share that whenever I can.


Contact Me for rates and references. Other topics available upon request.

Waldorf Teacher Mentoring

Classroom help for both new and experienced teachers on topics such as

  • lesson planning
  • discipline
  • blending the arts and academics
  • and others

Waldorf Teacher Evaluations

New teacher and routine faculty evaluations are offered. I provide a written evaluation and have follow up conversations with the teachers.

Engaging Seminars and Talks

On many topics including

  • The ABC’s of Waldorf Education
  • Healthy Discipline at Home and in the Classroom
  • Learning to Read the Waldorf Way

Other topics available upon request


Freelance Consultant

2002 – Present


Santa Cruz Waldorf School
1985 – 2013

Assistant Director

Bay Area Center for Waldorf Teacher Training
2002 – 2004

Adjunct Faculty

Public School Institute at Rudolf Steiner College
2007 – Present

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References and rates are available upon request.

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